Sub Categories duplicate the total number of listings on front page

Hi there,

I ran into a problem I can’t seem to find the answer around here.
On one of my pages I have 3 listings for one category, but on the front page it shows 6.
i.e.- Martial Arts - Category
Kung Fu - Sub Category

on the main page it shows as 2, but it is really only one listing. Basically, why adding sub-categories have an impact on the listing numbers for the main category.

Glad if you can help with this.



Please send us a screenshot of your problem. Also, please try going to the Pages > Home and in the sidebar choose the number of listings you want to show on the homepage.

Hi Serhii,

see the picture attached. There are 3 listings only on this cat. but the count shows 6. You can see it on the front page and on the cat. page. You can also see the map shows only three which is the case.
I believe the platform/system is counting the sub-cat. as parent cat. and adding them to the total listing count if that makes sense.

Thank you…

Yes, the parent category count includes counts of all the included listings, including subcategories. It works the same way on the demo site, let me know if we misunderstood the issue.

you understood correctly. not the end of the world. I’d be good to know if there’s a trick or a way to do it, if not, nevermind.


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