Submit Listing Page - Attributes not changing if user decides to chose another category


on the submit-listing/details/ page, the first item is to chose the service category. Depending on the service category, the fields will adjust and will show the correct attributes for that category (if they are not all the same).

In my case, I have different attributes for each category.

What is happening is that when a user first choses one category, and then decides to change service category, the fields attributes will not change, they will remain the same as the first category that was chosen.

The only way to make the coorrect attributes adjust to the new category that was chosen is to refresh the page.

If necessary, I can send a video or the link to test to submitt the list.

The same bug is happening on mobile and desktop for me.

Thank you

Please clarify if the attribute fields stay the same (showing incorrect fields for another selected category), or do you mean that values stay pre-filled? If you mean values this is the expected behavior, this issue may occur if you added the same attributes for different categories or if category-specific categories have the same Field Name.

Hello @yevhen it is the first option:

attribute fields stay the same (showing incorrect fields for another selected category)

Please send the details and steps to reproduce this issue, e.g. a link to your site and which category/attribute we should check. You can also send these details privately via email with temporary WP access link Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin |

Thank you, I will create the WP access and send details via email.

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