Submit listing recognize as duplicate page

In the google search console I have an error that says the submit listing page is a duplicate of his redirect. How can I create a separate page for submit listing page and set this page as canonical?

This is strange, URLs are different (the login page is /account/login, the listing submission page is /submit-listing) so this should be ok. Maybe you know what’s the requirement from Google to resolve this? It’s a pretty simple redirect to the login page and back if the user clicking Add Listing is not logged in.

@ihor I think the /submit-listing page is not a real page. I mean there is no page in wordpress pages or posts of submit listing page. if you can implement that /submit-listing page could be a real page so in the SEO setting I can set that /submit-listing as a canonical page.

Unfortunately it’s not possible, but it shouldn’t be an issue for Google, this page will never be accessed by crawlers because it requires an account (so they will always get a redirect to the login page), you can try adding this URL to noindex.

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