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  1. There is no mean to show huge mapbox square on listings category or home page page. How can I hide it because it’s taking too much time to load.

  2. When 10 listings are showed on category page . Each hyperlink below listing (of maps address) is unnecessary instead only location name is acceptable. This again makes site slow. If visitor is interested in that listing he can click the listing first & then click on map to get guidelines but just after he see title of Listing he click on map seems not good.

  3. No doubt its great script but word filter is needed to filter spammers who just come to share their likes & vanish PR or DA of our site . If you get daily 10000 visitors who will filter each n every ad by reading to filter ( http www hot ) such words . This prevents to spend money on getting traffic. For images I can understand but just text filter or blocklist for Title/Description is very very much needed. I am not spending on advertising due to heavy work load which may come after promotion. It’s not self driven script needs human attention too much without any filters an yes third party plugins not working as I already tried.

  4. Mapbox is too much slow instead OS maps are also better than Google because Google policy is very hard always risk of penalty for what you not did & support is zero.

Thanks for your feedback,

  1. We’ll try to improve the Mapbox performance, if you mean hiding maps you can try this CSS snippet:

.hp-map {display:none!important}

  1. These links shouldn’t slow down the page, they don’t use the maps API, instead they just generate static URLs to Google Maps for directions.

  2. Thanks, this feature is on the roadmap.

  3. Yes, we plan to improve this in the next Geolocation update. If you don’t use the Regions feature, please consider using Google Maps, you’ll be able to switch to Mapbox later when these issues are fixed.

Thanks I am trying to improve site day by day

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When you are creating word filters for listings also create ’ word & mobile number ’ filter for ’ title ’ of listing & vendor profile (word only ) also because people make profile with bunch of links & site’s DA is disturbed.

Thanks, we’ll try to add “wildcard” filters that would match phone numbers and emails.

Please make ’ bad word ’ or ’ url filter’ for complete website or atleast it should be for listings + vendor profiles. If people are banned in listing for bad words they will make profiles with such words. Prevention of spam is major task because site can’t be popular with traffic n wo traffic no business module.