Synchronization issue on canceled/moved reservations on Airbnb


We have noticed an issue, when a reservation is canceled on Airbnb, the reserved dates are still marked as blocked.

This topic seems to have been opened in May 2023:

Does the problem still exist?

Thanks in advance.


Sorry if there was a misunderstanding. Yes, currently there’s an import feature, if you set an external ICS link, then HivePress imports events (bookings) from this external calendar and makes these dates unavailable in the website calendar.

There’s no opposite process at the moment, HivePress doesn’t check if the imported event disappeared in the external calendar and deletes it automatically.

We plan to release this update according to the RoadMap.

is there a workaround ?
can we press some button and have the import repeated everyday, or a chron is possible ?
also will bookings made here reflect on Airbnb


Unfortunately, there is no easy solution for this, but we plan to improve it in future updates.