Syncing bookings with iCal or Google Calendar

Allow vendors to sync bookings with iCal or Google Calendar, this will also allow syncing with third-party platforms like Airbnb and Booking.

Yes, please!!! Mark this as a high priority!

This one has a high priority already, but you can also vote for features in this forum section, if the feature is approved we also check the number of votes to decide about the priority.

@ihor , I am receiving this request from many vendors. According to my feedback, many resist the instant booking option for this reason, which can affect conversion at the end.


@Mishoo That’s understandable, instant booking may cause overbooking of the same dates on 2 platforms - we’ll try to add syncing as soon as possible.


Thank you @ihor - really looking forward to offering it. BTW, the New Community Forum is truly enjoyable to use on the phone.

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Any news about this feature? Looking to buy the theme, but will be useless without iCal sync

We plan to release it next week, we are already testing the iCal import/export links for listings, but in the initial version these will work for blocking dates only (e.g. to prevent overlapping bookings from Airbnb and the website).


Fantastic news as this is a must have feature with any rental website. Will it have a sync feature to reimport the ical link on a regular basis to keep the calendars up to date?

Yes, we’ll try to implement 100% sync (e.g. with Airbnb or Booking), so Airbnb will block dates based on the website’s bookings and vice versa.


Ok great, can’t wait to have this feature, this makes the whole theme alot more user friendly.

Hi! I come to follow up on this topic! @yevhen one week ago you mentioned this feature will be released this week, do you know when exactly? I am waiting for this feature to officially launch on my site it will be great if I can have a specific date for this.


@DianaLizarazo we are also awaiting the integration - will boost usage if it functions as planned. Really looking forward to testing it. Ps: Will definitely donate once the cal sync and booking page improvements are implemented.

Btw, @yevhen and @ihor, where is the best place to stay up to date with the updates?

Using GitHub for now for anyone interested: Actions · hivepress/hivepress · GitHub

@DianaLizarazo Sorry for the delay, it requires a bit more testing but it’ll be available this week for sure.

@Mishoo Yes, GitHub is available for HivePress and free extensions, we’re also looking for a way to enable notifications for private repositories (those with premium extensions and themes).

Hi @ihor is there any updates? Do you have a date for the update?


Yes, I’m already testing it so it should be available this weekend.

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@ihor thank you!

will use this as my main source of information. If there is any other preferred channel used to spread news on updates, etc., please let me know.Also checked the premium extensions. Thanks for reminding as they seem to solve some issues.

Regarding sync: looking forward to it. We have lots of vendors waiting for this - will make a huge difference.

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It’s finally available, please enable syncing in HivePress/Settings/Bookings after the update, this will add Import/Export fields to the listing form. This is just the initial iCal import/export release so please let me know if you notice any issues.

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Hi @ihor I synced the option however still it is not clear how this update works. Could you please explain it?


If you enabled it please check any listing form, you can use the Booking Export URL in third-party platforms or calendars (e.g. paste it in the Airbnb listing Calendar Sync settings), or you can paste an external calendar URL in the Booking Import URL field for a listing and HivePress will check this external calendar to block the unavailable dates automatically.