Syncing doesn't work both ways

Hello I have a seller (house rental) who complains that synchronization works with airbnb but not with the booking site, can we use the same synchronization api for both sites or is there a solution? Thank you

Please send more details about the issue, do you mean blocked dates on the website are reflected in Airbnb calendar but not vice versa (Airbnb dates are not reflected on the site)?

No I mean that the synchronization between airbnb and my site (rental hive) works very well, but I also want to synchronize this same ad with the calendar of the site booking location, but it does not work

Sorry, I can’t quite understand, do you mean syncing other details than availability, e.g. address (location)? If you mean syncing availability with and Airbnb simultaneously you have to choose Airbnb or Booking as an intermediary calendar.

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