Tags gettings deleted after some time

I saw this issue two times already, we have created tags which user could choose at his listing. There were about 40 tags, but after some time only 4 are left, which are in use. Tags that aren’t used were deleted. Is this a bug or a standart feature? As it’s important for us to keep all tags and not delete them after some time as other users can choose them…

Steps to reproduce

Create tag
Wait few days

Actual result

Tag gets deleted

Expected result

Do not delete the tag

Extra details

Add a link to your site, screenshots or any other details that may help us pinpoint the issue.

Thanks for the detailed report. This is expected behaviour - it works this way to prevent flooding the database with empty tags. Since tags can be added by users, someone can add tags in a loop (e.g. tag1, tag2…) and remove them (since each listing allows up to 10 tags) - if empty tags weren’t removed it would be possible to create tags without limits and this would be a security issue.

We’ll try to resolve this, maybe by adding an option to disable deleting tags, or enabling/disabling used-defined tags (in this case you can also use a custom Select attribute, then tags are defined by admins only, users can only select one of the available tags).

Can you please describe how dose a user/vendor add or remove tags for their new List?

Please type the tag in the Tags field in the listing form, you can also separate multiple tags with a comma. Then if you save the listing, the entered tags should be created and saved.

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