The commission is added automatically to the entire amount of the booking

When a commission fee or commission percentage is applied to the user, the service fee is automatically being calculated into the hourly rate, when it should be only added upon checkout. How can this be fixed?

Example using a $3.99 commission fee:

Before selecting a booking day and time (Photo 1)

After selecting a day and time (Photo 2)


This is how it works by default, and when the user selects something in the form, the full amount for booking is displayed.

A commission fee has nothing to do with the hourly rate and shouldn’t be added to the hourly rate prior to the user checking out. This is very confusing. The commission fee should only be shown on the checkout page when the user has decided to make the booking.

How can i change this?


Thank you for your feedback. We will add this feature in future updates.

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