The iCal import time zones issue

Looking for a link to the Rental Hive road map. Any updates on that yet?

Specifically, any news on correcting the time zone issue so that the ical link (which shows partial dates blocked on check in/out dates) no longer shows on my Hive site as fully blocked?

Sorry for the delay.

The theme itself implements the design only, so themes have no roadmaps (sometimes they get styling fixes but there’s no functionality), but extensions do - please check the Bookings roadmap here Bookings Roadmap (01/03/2024) – Asana If some issues are not there please post a bug report and we’ll look into it.

Thanks. I do not see any updates on there for completed items or updates on expected timelines like all those that showed “next month” back in January should be done by now, correct? Or can you share an updates specifically on the “timezone-related issues?” That one last thing is preventing me from launching my site b/c ical links aren’t blocking (or not blocking) dates correctly. Thanks!


Sorry for the confusion. Each RoadMap has a date in the title from which these columns are counted, but yes, we will most likely shift the release date of features by the first month, but we will try to release an update this month for some extensions.