The listings page is displayed instead of the sellers

Hello. When I go to the “sellers” page, it goes to the ads page, please advise how to fix it.


Please navigate to HivePress > Listings > Listings Page and select your page with listings.

Mine is in Russian, I can’t find such items. Sorry


Unfortunately, we provide support only in English (but please try to use any translator).

In the hivepress menu I have


Please check the screenshot Awesome Screenshot

  • I have these settings, but it doesn’t work.
    When I select “shop”, the “sellers” page is displayed correctly


Please specify your listings page here in HivePress > Listings > Listings Page.
For the vendor page, you need to specify this page in HivePress > Settings > Vendors (Hosts) > Vendors (Hosts) page.
Then all pages should be displayed correctly.

Solved the problem by adding a new page and a “sellers” widget.
Thank you very much! All the best to you!

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