The new listing does not appear on the home page

when i post a new listing it does not appear on the home page after click of submit of listing it does not say anything like thank you for posting or your post will appear soon but it just disappears after submitting and then after few hours later when i post again then same detail appears and there it comes on homepage.

Actual result

The post does not appear immediately on home page after submitting new listing.

Expected result

after submitting the listing it should appear immediately on the home page as it works on my other website or it should say something like thank you for your new post.

Extra details

If the “thank you” page doesn’t appear at the end of the listing process it’s most likely a caching issue, please try disabling third-party plugins.

which plugin??
the new post does not appear on the homepage?
after submit i don’t see any listing?

It cant be plugin problem because i am using same plugins with another website and there all the list appears immediately without any issues. the issue in in this new update.

Please try disabling all plugins except HivePress for a moment and check if this issue persists, in 99% of cases it’s caused by the code customizations, caching plugins or server-side caching solutions enabled by the hosting provider. The “thank you” page appears when tested on the demo site and a local WP installation.
If this issue persists with plugins/customizations disabled please send temporary WP access to and I’ll check it for you.

Hello Dear,

As you said i deactivated all my plugins except the Hive press but still I have two problems in my newly created website.

  1. The new listing after submitting does not say a thank you note for the submission and also the new post does not appear on home page.

  2. The category for new listing is always pre selected and even if i try to change it it does not get changed.

Please check you email i have sent you login details. Thanks

Thanks for the details. I checked your site and there’s a drop-in (pre-added plugin) that causes this issue Screenshot by Lightshot The front-end listing form is cached so the mentioned issues occur. If this caching solution is added by your hosting provider and can’t be disabled I recommend switching the hosting provider.
There’s a also a strange issue on the WordPress level, it shows 2 active plugins but only a single plugin is activated Screenshot by Lightshot

No there is no issue from the hosting provider because I have this hivepress website with the same provider and there is no issue with that website you can check

So you can not solve the problem?
Should i delete the whole website and subdomain and do all the hard work again?

You don’t have to reset your website, I just suggest the solutions based on the provided details. As you can see on the screenshot your hosting provider adds some caching solution that can’t be disabled Screenshot by Lightshot It’s not a core WordPress feature.

Also, this issue can’t be reproduced on the theme demo site, local WP installation (tested it with Local by Flywheel), and there are no other reports of this issue on the forum (there would be dozens if the listing submission stopped working) - so I assume that there are specific settings or solutions on your site that causes this. In this case, it’s probably a caching issue because 99% of similar issues are resolved by disabling cache (usually it’s Litespeed Cache).

I recommend contacting your hosting provider and asking to disable this caching solution, then check if this issue persists. Also, you can test this with any other hosting provider.

Thank you that problem solved
One more thing i found it is that in search bar on homepage some categories are not shown and some are shown if i search for car it is not showing up anything but if i search for motorcycles it shows up all motorcycle listings by clicking the search button.

If categories are available for selection, but return no results please make sure that these categories have at least 1 published listing that also matches other pre-filled criteria in the search form (if there are also other filters in addition to Keywords and Categories).

I just found the solution for it when you make category there is one option at the end which says display sub categories instead of listings if you turn on that option then that category will not appear in search

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Yes, this option forces users to select a sub-category for this category in any case before showing any listings.

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