Things you are working on + update schedule?


I’ve been trying TaskHive & HivePress for a couple of weeks now. Although they are promising, I’m waiting for a few issues to be fixed/updated (e.g. reviews display).

Since there is no info on “what the dev team is working on right now” or “tentative release schedule”, it is hard for me to understand what type of improvements will I get, so I am reluctant to use it past my refund window.

If possible, can you guys create a post (maybe in the release notes) that gives info about what you are working on right now and tentative release schedules?

This will also give peace of mind to potential buyers as well as convince the people within their trial period to keep on using the theme instead of opting for refunds.

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for your feedback, we plan to create a public roadmap page with timeframes but it’s not available yet. I recommend checking the Feature Requests forum, if the feature is added to the roadmap we add the “approved” tag to it Topics tagged approved We implement all the features one by one as soon as it’s possible.

Thank you for the reply @ihor

The theme + plugin has potential but in its current state, I won’t be able to use it as it does not fit my needs.

How can I get a refund? It has not been a month since I purchased TaskHive.

I will be following the updates though and I’ll think about buying it again, especially if you improve the reviews structure & display.



Please write to our email, and we will help you with the refund.

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