Third-party plugins for booking

Working on a project with ListingHive and all the free plugins. I am trying to make something similar to this - . Are there any good free plugins that could give me the same features that are visible in the website?


Unfortunately, we are not familiar with this site. But, at first glance, you can understand that you need the Bookings extension, it is paid, but it includes many features that are shown on this site Bookings - Allow users to book listings | HivePress Extensions.

Will i be able add the ability to search which which listings are available in certain dates? Just like you can see in the website i provided before.


Yes, you will be able to implement the date availability search: How to enable the date availability search - HivePress Help Center

Hope it helps.

Thanks for the info!

Another question came up. With this booking extension and ListingHive will i be able to make a admin panel for restaurants where they can edit which tables are unavailable and other important info.


Sure, the vendor (restaurant) can manage the availability of all listings (tables).

Okay, got it. And will i be able to configure the date availability search so it shows the vendors that have listings available just like you can see here -Exploring Copenhagen | Tock


If you need such a design with a map, it will require a custom implementation.

Will i be able to create this type of menu. It displays all the restaurants(vendors) and avaliable tables(listings)?


You can create any design for your website by editing our themes, but please note that some of the changes will require detailed implementation. I recommend you check out our theme courses The complete course on setting up RentalHive - HivePress Help Center

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