Thumbnail images on the carousel do not match

While all website functions work properly, the photo carousel in the listings does not convert well on an RTL language website.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Use an RTL language for your website (Hebrew, Arabic)
  2. Add the marketplace plugin (it might not be related to this plugin, and the photos carousel simple is broken on RTL websites)
  3. Add a listing with multiple photos
  4. Go to the listing

Actual result

Expected result

The thumbnail images on the carousel should match the images displayed on the top.


Sorry for the inconvenience, currently there are no built-in RTL styles in this theme, so CSS tweaks are required to switch the layout to RTL. You can also consider hiring a freelancer for this, e.g. search “WordPress theme RTL” on Fiverr 1. This is a pretty common theme customization service.

I believe this will be useful to you.

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