Tiers and extras don't display


I’m using taskhive demo theme and added new tiers and extras to this service as example

  1. Login as admin
  2. HivePress / Settings > Selling > Allow sellers to set pricing tiers/extras
  3. Edit above service > Add tiers + extras to a above service > click save or update
  4. Tiers and extras don’t display on service page


Note: i posted a new service, and tiers/extras do not display either. What am i missing?

Please note that if you use Bookings, tiers are not available yet. If you use the Marketplace only, then after enabling tiers and extras please check the listing form (not the listing page), there should be fields to define tiers and extras. Once you add at least 1 tier and/or 1 extra, they’ll appear in the purchase form on the listing page.

Solved - I had to install a demo site online to make it work, testing locally is not working and brings many issues.

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