Time field shows nothing

I want to select only one day of reservations with a range of time.
The first thing I have achieved, but the hours to select do not appear.
How could I solve it?


Please make sure that all the booking details are set for a listing, at least the start/end time and the slot duration details are required for generating a list of time slots.

Thanks, but how can I set two diferent fields: check in hour and check out hour?
its what i need

In the booking process, how can I set two diferent fields: check in hour and check out hour?

If you enabled Time Slots unfortunately there’s no option to select any start/end time because this would require re-checking the availability for every selection, while time slots display the available time ranges in the drop-down. Please consider enabling multiple time slots in settings, this way users will be able to select more than 1 time slot in a row (e.g. if they need a few hours and the time slot is set to 1 hour).

any other way? php developping maybe? it is very important for my website

Sorry, there’s no other way in the current version if time-based bookings are required. They are always defined by the time slots, please consider setting the time slot to the minimum possible booking duration (e.g. 1 hour) and allow selecting multiple time slots in a row, then customers can select any number of adjacent time slots they need for the selected date.
We’ll try to improve the UX in any case, adding an easier way to select multiple time slots or a time range.

That improvement would be fantastic.I hope it will be released soon. :pensive:

It could be possible to use this complement with rentalhive to resolve the problem?:

Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce
(Getting Started With Booking & Appointment Plugin for WooCommerce - Tyche Softwares Documentation)


Unfortunately, there’s no simple way to integrate this solution because it’s a standalone booking plugin, it would conflict with HivePress Bookings since it probably implements its own calendar and other features.

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