Time slot minimum period to be reflected on the listing near the price

Good afternoon,

Could you please tell me if it is possible to see the time slot specified in the listing form on the listing page?
In my opinion, customers should be able to see if the price that appears is for one hour or for three hours so they can make better choices.

On the other side, when selecting the timeslots for a booking, wouldn’t be possible to have a clock-time option so the customers would be able to select more hours at once? Instead of selecting hour by hour? Without necessarily to be subsequent hourly slots?

Please let me know,

Regards // laura

Please try using this code snippet Change the price display format for bookable listings #hivepress #listings #bookings · GitHub This way you can set the default format, e.g. “/ hour” and the total price without the format should be displayed if more time slots are selected.

Currently the only way is selecting time slots one by one but we plan to improve the UX and allow users to select a time range with 2 clicks.

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