Time zones not working

Hello there,

not sure if that is a bug. I allowed the TIME ZONE in Hivepress/Settings

I’m now able to create a listing and set my time zone. But seam not working well when someone is booking on the same date.

Enable Time Zone and book per hour on hivepress
Availability from 12:00 am to 12:00 am set on listing form creation

Listing Time Zone New York
New York Time 1 pm

If I try to book the listing I see those slots of time available.

My Time Zone Italy
Time 7 pm

Server in Netherlands 7 pm.

##This only happens when I select the same date booking.

I should be able to book on the base of what time zone they selected.


Thanks for reporting this, we’ll add full times zone support in the upcoming updates. Currently this option works just for indicating the time zone, if you mean determining the current time for a list of today’s time slots, the server time is still used for this.

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