Tips or examples of allowed values for CSV columns

On the import plugin, offering a download of a correct formatted CSV for the site that the plugin is installed, pulling import options from the site new post options

So that each persons hivepress, would export the correct csv thats needed for their own site, in their correct options, included in an example csv, that could be used as a cheat sheet for users to import / upload content

Thanks, we have this on the roadmap but with a bit different implementation, we’ll add tips to the field/column mapping, e.g. Category (allowed values: …), also for other field types (e.g. suggesting the date format if it’s a Date field).


Can you tell me what is happening with the import plugin

I did purchase it, but without changes, to allow import of a CSV from each site, it really does not do the job it was intended

What is planned?

I’m sorry for the delay - there were more critical updates for Marketplace, Bookings and HivePress itself. The Import extension is next in the queue so this update should be available within 2 weeks max. If it’s urgent for your project, please send a refund request via email even if 30 days passed since the purchase, it’s ok since we promised this functionality right after the purchase.


Thanks for the offer of the refund, but its not an issue, I knew this was something I needed, still need, and I purchased the same afternoon that you released it

This import plugin should prove to be the missing part for my project, and currently its the only thing I am waiting on, so even if you refunded, I would have to buy again

The only worry is, that it really must import the custom options, otherwise, its going to import, just title, and description, and if the options are not imported it will leave the admin or even the user with the hassle of opening and editing by hand every imported item, which kind of makes doing the import useless

It really should have an option to export a CSV in the format which the hivepress requires, each hivepress installation, knows and can read from the database the whole of its required options, and its available drop down options, so the import plugin should be able to export a default item in a CSV that imports perfectly, really the mapping to the database to the csv is only needed if you have your own CSV

I suppose the import function should have two options for importing

  1. Map your own CSV to the Database and then import it

  2. Export a formatted perfectly organised example CSV to prefill with your own data and then import that

If you have a beta of the import you need to test, I would be happy to try it

Thanks for the detailed feedback, I’m already testing and packing the release so it should be available within a few days max. There are a few bug fixes (like mapping category-specific attributes) and features (e.g. showing the expected labels for selectable attributes).

Thank you ihor