To change image in listings


I’m using ExpertHive and when a vendor publish an offer, it appears the photo of the vendor. Is it possible that the image be related with the listing?



The idea behind ExpertHive is that it’s a “person-focused” theme where the focus is on service providers rather than on the services they provide. If you want a “service-focused” design, it’s better to go with TaskHive.

Hi Pedro

We were building with ExpertHive theme for quite a while so I may have the answer to your problem (recently we changed to ListingHive, but that was for other image reasons).

If you are wanting to change the Vendor image for the Listing Image, I think this is possible as far as I can remember. Go to HivePress>Settings>now click the Listings Tab. Scroll down and I am reasonably sure there is a check box there to do what you are looking for. Or it may be in the Vendor tab.

Hope I am correct and this sorts you problem.

Hi Pedro

Update to my last reply. It was actually a snippet that we used.

<?php add_filter( 'hivepress/v1/templates/listing_view_block/blocks', function( $blocks ) { return hivepress()->helper->merge_trees( [ 'blocks' => $blocks ], [ 'blocks' => [ 'listing_image' => [ 'path' => 'listing/view/block/listing-image', ], ], ] )['blocks']; }, 1000 );

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