To delete URLs

after installing the theme, I deleted the default ad pages, but Yandex Webmaster sees them and requires adding a description to the page. These pages do not exist on the site, there are only URLs to empty pages. How do I delete deleted pages? Is this the site cache or what ?

This depends on the implementation, if te Battery is a custom selectable listing attribute in Listings/Attributes and you enabled Public Pages for it, then yes - there’s a separate page for each attribute option and these pages are indexed.
Please consider setting a custom permalinks structure in Settings/Permalinks, “pretty” URLs may be better for SEO.

thanks for the reply.
The problem is that I see the URLs of attributes that have been deleted for a long time and the pages to which they belonged have also been deleted. Therefore, these URLs either lead to the main page or to an empty page.

Since the Yandex robot was reindexed recently, but the pages and attributes were deleted a long time ago, I have a question - where could these URLs be saved on the site to find and delete them.

These URLs are not saved anywhere unless the website is cached, also please check if there’s an SEO plugin installed - these may save the sitemap so it may not always reflect the actual site content.

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