To show certain search results on a certain page

Is it possible to show certain search results on a certain page?

My question is related this topic.

In the topic you mentioned “in the current version is by searching listings and copying the URL.”
But I want URLs to be simple, because of my language,
and show results with other contents would be nice.

Thank you in advance.

Sorry, there’s no such option for combinations of search filters yet, but there may be a workaround if you use the Listings block settings - then you can create a custom page in WordPress/Pages, add the Listings block to it and add a button linked to the pre-defined search results, e.g. “View All”. Also, “pretty” URLs are available for the listing categories, regions and public attributes by default.

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Hi, ihor.
Thank you so much.
The “View All” is the best solution for now.
I hope we can filter listing blocks to display not only featured, verified, or category but also combined attributes.

Thank you for telling me a workaround anyway.
I wish you the best!!!

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