Track Fee Revenue vs Total Payments


Does Hivepress (or Woocommerce) track what amount of money is revenue from commissions vs the total amount that has been spent on the website?

For example, if I have $5,000 in sales, is there somewhere that would show the amount of commission I get to keep based on that? If I have a 10% fee set, then, in this example, it would tell me I can withdraw $500 from the PayPal account and not have any issues with paying out vendors.

Thank you,

There is no separate analytics for the commission amounts yet, but vendors will not be able to request a payout for a bigger amount than their share anyway. For example, if there’s a payment of $100 and the commission rate is 10%, vendors will get $90 to their website account balance. This way when you process a payout request for this vendor, you’ll keep the rest ($10) in any case.

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