Transferring content of the deleted account

Hello I would like to report a bug, when we delete an account and the theme asks us if we want to transfer the data to another account, even if we designate another account, the data are transferred…in fact it transfers the data but keeps the old username (at least in my case it did not work)

Finally i would want hide the new field “daily price” i tried with snippet :
unset($form['fields']['Daily Prices']);


If you are referring to a feature when you delete in WordPress on the backend side, this is a WordPress feature for blog posts, and there is no 100% guarantee that it will work correctly.

However, the username will be updated if you try to re-save the user. Also, we recommend that you check the vendor profiles, as it may have also been left there.

Regarding the PHP snippet, please try this name, booking_ranges.

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