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I translated Hivepress using Loco translate, but I cannot change the “closed” text in Opening Hours plugin. Could you please tell me where I can find the setting to translate closed?

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Please check this text in Loco/Plugins/HivePress Opening Hours. If it’s not available there and the translation is already created please click the Sync button.

Hi again. I followed your instructions. I already added the translations there before but I didn’t click the Sync button. However, as soon as I hit the Sync button it removes the translation. Seems like it resets the translation to the basic settings?

Please see the screenshot below. Is this the wrong location to edit the language?

Thank you

I think you are on wrong place. You are on direct file.

Go to loco translate/plugins then go to the Hivepress form with that has the word closed inside. Open it and add your language. Make sure you pick the first option, for custom file.

Then search for word closed. On the bottom where it says translation, write the word(s) you would like it to say instead. Then click save. Then click sync.

Oh mate, thank you, that actually worked. I edited the template file and not the language itself. Appreciate your help.

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Anytime. Glad you got it working!

@aqmiami7 Just wanted to thank you, I really appreciate your help in the HivePress community. We’re in the process of scaling the team and hiring new devs, but currently we’re working without weekends so your posts really help to spend more time on fixing/improving HivePress itself.

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