Trying to Target and customize the search/archive for listings/request

As topic says, I’m trying to target the listing/request plages where you can filter and/or search for said arricle, but i cannot fine the tenplates/pages.

Is it det up as a custom post type? Making a archive-listing.php in the child theme does not target the page. Tryed to look around in the hivepress/templates/listing/ folder, but no luck.

Also, if I were to said pages , get_post_type_archive() does target borg, but what would I add insider the parenteses to just get the listing one, or request, or vendor?

Thank you

There are 2 ways to do this:

Okay, so not possible via childtheme?

How can I target the pages , lets say in a if statement in PHP?

Thank you

Please check the suggested resources above, you can override templates without code customizations in HivePress/Templates, or with code customizations (via a child theme for specific template parts, with CSS for simple changes, or via PHP filter functions for overriding the template blocks).

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