Trying to understand how the calendar sync works

I would like a better understanding on how the calendar sync works. I am using Rental Hive. I see that in the listing there is a link to export the calendar to another calendar. When I do this, should I expect that any new bookings would sync to my calendar. Seems like it will only sync to my calendar rentals that have already been made? Is that right? So if I I do a new booking it does not show up. But if take the link and put it in my calendar a week or so from now. It will sync any new bookings. Is it possible for this calendar to be updated every time there is a booking?

It syncs unavailable dates both ways, if you set both the import and export ICS links. For example, if you link Airbnb this way then unavailable dates will be in sync on your website and Airbnb.

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