Two number fields on same page create issues

If i use two number range on one page . It create issues. I used one number field as year plus KM driven number range & third as price range on same page but after that random figures are generated.

Please send more details that may help to detect or reproduce this issue (e.g., a link to your site, screenshots, or the error message you get).

I created one category as regular & then after that I added radio button attributes as sub categories. After that I created another number ’ input ’ attribute user end & for search attribute ( range 300-300000 ) for users. But when script run for 2-3 days I saw the min & maximum figure I was changed automatically . i.e when I try to do search using number range it shows min value 499 & maximum value 9999 . Right Only one number range attribute is on page as I already removed another search range attribute from page because I thought it might be issues but same issue again. Same issues happened to different sites too in past n I am sure it will be issue for other sites too because suffering this issue since last month .

As I forget what I set limits so this time I already created attribute with number range figures.

If you mean the problem with the price attribute then the min/max value for the price attribute is based on existing listings (to prevent displaying ranges with no listings available). For example, if you add a listing with a price of $1 and another listing with a price $10 then the min range value will be set to $1 and max range value will be set to $10

Got it . i.e at user end you have to put limits when creating attribute & for search it take auto figures based on listings value . I thought at user end I can put values between my limits but it takes min to max automatically & if no listing is there it generates random but if listing it takes min to max .

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