Unable to edit any category for ads, requests, etc


there is some issue with hivepress, it is not possible to edit categories

it is possible to quick edit, but for example I can`t change the category description.

When you click, it takes you to a total white screen.

I noticed it generates a very big link, like this:


I believed it was a data base problem and contacted my hosting company. They checked and they believe the problem is on hivepress that deals with categories.

I am not sure, because also posts categories cant be edited, and users cant be searched on backend

I also noticed that when a user is registered and click the activation link, they dont go anymore to my activation page template that was created, they go to regular user edit profile page.

Could you please check? thank you

The plugin itself doesn’t affect the back-end category edit page, and categories are registered in the same way as blog categories. Please check if you get the same issue while editing a blog category in Posts/Categories, maybe it’s something related to the Image/Icon option and your hosting provider blocks the request as suspicious.
If you also get issues with basic WordPress features like searching users, please try disabling HivePress in WordPress/Plugins and try searching users and editing blog categories again, this may be related to another plugin or the hosting provider changes.

Hi @ihor thank you… and is there any reason for the activation link dont bring the visitor to the page template I have created? It changed without any reason, for example unpublishing the template for that page or something like that

This requires further testing, by default there should be a “Verification Successful” page with a message and a button to view the user account, not automatic redirect. Maybe there were some recent code changes or new plugins installed?

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