Unable to synchronize ICS calendars


I’ve added (as you can see on the screenshot) different calendars (Google calendar and Airbnb) and the synchronization doesn’t work.

This makes it possible to reserve slots that are normally blocked on houses for rent.

How to solve this issue?


Please navigate to WP Dashboard > Tools > Scheduled Actions > and check if you have the following actions in Pending or Failed hivepress/v1/models/booking/sync (you can additionally provide a screenshot).

Here is the screeshot


I see. Please try clicking Run next to this pending action and check if the dates have been imported. If they were imported, then this is a 100% issue on the part of the hosting provider. I recommend contacting their support.

Hi @andrii
I’ve already tried, and when I click on Run I get the following message: ‘Successfully executed action: hivepress/v1/models/booking/sync’, and I can also see in the table that these actions are classified in the ‘complete’ column; but despite this, the synchronization doesn’t take place.
I’ve contacted my hosting provider (cloudways) and there’s no problem. They’ve referred me to you.


Please send us your ICS link by email and we will test it in more detail: support@hivepress.io

Done :white_check_mark:


You have sent a temporary login link to the email, and we need the ICS link itself, which you use from a third-party calendar for synchronization.

My bad! I’m very sorry
I’ve just sent the link


We checked this ICS link, and as you can see in the screenshot, everything is synchronized correctly: Awesome Screenshot.

If you have already disabled all third-party plugins, customizations, and cache and the issue still exists, then this is 100% an issue on the part of the hosting provider; I recommend contacting their support.

Thanks for your response.

I just spent several minutes with my hosting provider’s support team. We disabled each plugin one by one and removed my custom code in functions.php. Despite all of this, it is impossible to sync the HivePress booking calendar with Airbnb.

To rule out the possibility of the issue being related to the hosting provider, I duplicated the site and installed it on another hosting service, and the problem remains exactly the same. Based on this, I think it means that the issue is not related to the hosting provider.

I also tested the following URL to see the result: https://my-domain.com/wp-json/hivepress/v1/bookings, and it returns a 404 error ‘code “rest_no_route”’.

If you could help me, I will send you temporary admin access to your email again because I am completely lost with this functionality…


It displays that your site is on the live version; let us know if we can disable all third-party plugins to test everything in more detail.


You can, please don’t hesitate, as I have several backups available if necessary.