Unavailable booking attributes are required in the confirmation form

See screenshot

The booking attribute called “Will you provide an overlay” is a booking attribute from a totally different category. It is not even shown on this booking form because it belongs to a different category. However, Hivepress says this field is required although this field is not even available on this booking form as it belongs to a totally different category. I am not sure but I think this issues occured after the update.


Please check more detail; you may have created attributes you marked as required (if the attribute is marked as editable, it does not need to be set to required).

Hi, you misunderstood me. Yes it is marked as required and is also marked as editable. However, this attribute belongs to a totally different category and should not even be displayed in this specific category.

Thanks for the details, if the required error appears for attributes from another category then this may be a bug, our developer @yevhen will test this on Monday, if there’s a bug we’ll include the fix to the next Bookings update.

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