Unpaid/DRAFT status blocking dates despite correct settings

Hello @ihor,

I have the following issue - this issue is active since we went live in March - was not pressing until now that we have plenty of booking requests:

In short: unpaid bookings are currently blocking dates despite the correct settings under Hivepress / Bookings / Bookings Statuses.

## Steps to reproduce:
When a visitor decides to book a listing and arrives at the checkout but then for any type of reason decides not to make the purchase, the request is listed as “Unpaid” under the Bookings.

## Actual result
These unpaid booking requests (of a visitor on the checkout page) block the calendars despite the correct settings under Hivepress/Bookings/Blocking statuses (unpaid and pending are not selected).

We have unpaid bookings that are still in the system for almost 30 days.

Also, we have been trashing unpaid bookings at first. However, vendors and visitors receive the order cancelled email from Hivepress. The emails almost certainly trigger phone calls from vendors and guests.

## Expected result
The unpaid and pending booking statuses should not block booking dates.

## Extra details
These unpaid/pending statuses should be auto-trashed within 24 hours (or within a time that can be set within Hivepress), in our case we want to close the purchase and there is no need to wait longer if the payment was not completed.

Also, if there is a way to trash these Bookings without triggering the Hivepress emails, please advise.

Further tests:

  • I have unpublished two Hivepress Email templates (Order Cancelled - for Hosts and Users) in order to stop sending emails when we trash bookings in the backend. Results: Emails are still being sent (in English instead of the original language which was used in Hivepress Emails)

  • I have also completely deleted the email templates. Without success: emails still sent out by Hivepress - but now in English rather than in the original language.

  • I have also disabled all emails from Woocommerce (I use mailpoet for SMTP) because I prefer the Hivepress emails.

Emails are still being sent out.

@ihor Please advise where these email templates are located.

Thanks for the detailed bug report. Please let me know if you mean blocked dates in the actual date picker on the listing page, or blocked dates in the linked third-party calendar? The unpaid bookings still appear in the calendar and they are exported, but they shouldn’t block dates in the date picker for customers (I’ve just re-tested this locally and it seems to be ok).
If you want to disable a specific email please don’t unpublish it - you can create an email for this event in HivePress/Emails and leave its content empty, this will disable the email.

Thank you for the reply:

Regarding the calendar:

I mean blocked dates in the actual date picker. If a customer is on the checkout page a new booking entry is created as a draft. This entry is stays for over a month or so. Basically someone who is on the checkout page and decides not to pay.

Regarding the emails:
Thank you very much! will be done immediately!

@ihor: MATTER is solved.

Update: the matter is solved on our side (issue has changed its context). The date picker is working correctly now that I have re-tested.

Emails: The emails are as not being sent out when there is no content - this is very useful - we will however keep the content now that the issue is solved.

Thank you @ihor

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