Update existing listings isn't working for all listings

I’m updating just under 3,000 existing listings, but about 3.5% of them aren’t updating. I’ve isolated a single listing that isn’t updating into its own CSV but it still isn’t updating the existing listing. All of the necessary columns are in place on the CSV.

Can I send over the CSV and login information to my admin panel to have this looked into further?

Please make sure that columns of these listings 100% match the available labels of selectable attributes, if at least a single column value is not valid the listing will be skipped. Also, there’s a known issue with the server execution time (we plan to resolve this in the next update), e.g. if it’s set to 30 seconds then the script will terminate, maybe this 3.5% is left out.

The columns 100% match. They’re the exact same as the listings for the columns that are updating correctly. You’ve provided me with a PHP snippet to increase execution time so that isn’t the issue. I’ve even isolated one of the listings that isn’t updating into its own CSV so it’s definitely not an execution time issue. Can I have this looked into further? I can provide the CSV with the single listing and a login to my admin panel.

Please send the CSV file with temporary WP access (if you haven’t already) to support@hivepress.io and I’ll try to debug this further. If possible provide as many details as possible, e.g. the exact rows that are not imported, I’ll try to create a CSV with this 1 row and test it.

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