Update Font Awesome font icons to latest version

helo guys now i am doing the app so i am trying to implemen categories on app, the issue is that some awesomefont icons now are deleted from the site and i cannot show them on my app, please update the icons


​Please send more details about the issue, and we will do our best to help you.

i have already explained. The icons you have aren’t the latest from font awesoome so i need you guys to update the icons from fontawesome to the hivepress back-end.


Please provide more information on what exactly you mean by creating an app. If you are creating a separate app from the site, you will need to use and upload your own fonts there. But, if you have one of our premium themes, we use Line Awesome instead of Font Awesome, and yes, unfortunately, not all icons are available there. But thank you for your feedback, we will try to add more icons in future updates.

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