Update listing on back end

When I click on Edit for Listing on the backend I am unable to “update.” I make my changes. Then click update and nothing happens. If I do quick edit, it updates the listing when I click update from that screen, but not the full edit screen.
I am able to Publish a new listing from same page.
I am able to update listings if they have not been assigned to a category. Once they are assigned to a category they are unable to edited from the backend edit page.

Steps to reproduce

List the steps to reproduce the issue.
Hivepress: Listings
Edit-Under specific listing already existing
Click Update
If already has no category assigned will update fine. If has a category, it will not update when clicking this.

Actual result

No redirect or update. No change. No thing at top saying it has been updated. When click away from this page it give warning you are leaning the page not updated and will lose the work.

Expected result

Expect to say it has been updated. When clicking away from this page, it should be fine and not told it did not save the update.

Extra details

Please make sure that you have filled in all category-specific fields for the listing if the category is set for the listing

It does not show the category specific fields on the backend. Only the description section and categories.

Can only update those fields on the frontend.

If you add a listing via the back-end please select a category and update it, then category-specific fields should appear in the Attributes box. On the front-end, this refresh happens automatically when you switch categories.

thank you

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