Updates for HivePress

Team hivepress you have been amazing for support and plugin development.
But it’s many days no update has been released.
Should we expect in coming days?


We update our products according to the RoadMap, for example, here you can see when a new update for HivePress will be available: HivePress Roadmap (01/03/2024) – Asana

​I hope this is helpful to you.

According to roadmap in next month may 2024 plugin will be updated?


Each RoadMap has a date in the title from which these columns are counted, but yes, we will most likely shift the release date of features by the first month (because we are currently looking for developers and, therefore, are a bit limited in dev resources). However, we will try to release an update this month for some extensions.

@andrii - I haven’t seen an update since I started using HivePress. I’m not sure if they are automatically pushed or if it has just been a few months. By the way, how does one obtain information about becoming a developer on your team? You said you were looking for developers, but I can’t find anything on your website, or how to contact you directly.


We are currently looking for a developer locally, not worldwide. However, if you are interested in this position, please send your CV to contact@hivepress.io

As for core updates, yes, we had a slight delay as we were reorganizing and creating a new product, but soon, we will be releasing updates more frequently, not only with fixes but also with new features.

I hope for your understanding.

It has been 7 months so I was a little confused and searching for alternatives.
Best wishes for all of your fellows.
You are doing amazing work.
I’ll wait.

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