Updating Hivepress from Version 1.5.5

Hi there.

I am running a customized blog named tauschdeinauto.com
It was created by a freelancer and now I am running it by myself. After any plug-ins has been updated I figured out that Hivepress is running on Version 1.5.5. Now I would like to update it as well but not sure if there are hidden customized snippets which could cause some trouble…

May someone could help me.

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If the plugin files were not edited directly then you can simply update HivePress in Dashboard/Updates section. All the customizations should be made via the HivePress actions/filters Home | HivePress Hook Reference
Also, CSS snippets or via a child theme (if styling/layout changes are required).

Hi yevhen,

thanks a lot for you reply.
Is there a way to check it simply if customizations were made via HivePress actions/filters or manually in the code?

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Please try to check CSS customization in Appearance/Customize/Additional CSS

Also, there can be plugins like Code Snippets or similar ones where PHP customization could be saved

But it is recommended to contact with a developer who has made these customizations and ask the developer where the developer has done them

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