Uploading images on listings thumbnails are not generated

When images are uploaded, even if i set up dimensions on Media Settings, no thumbnail is generated.
If I try to replace those images with Enable Media Replace plugin all thumbnails are generated.

moreover, when uploading images a progress circle is displayed for a long time, but if I try to update the page, the progress circle no more there and the images are all already uploaded.

Steps to reproduce

Upload images on listings.

Actual result

The result is listing always pointing to orinal file size images

Expected result

Thumbnails creation

Extra details

Example listing: High-res Hard Surface Model - Meshaffair

Please make sure that you have all the requirements for the WordPress media library (e.g. GD Library), we use the native WP function for uploading images so WordPress should generate a thumbnail for each of the registered image sizes media_handle_upload() | Function | WordPress Developer Resources

Thank you, I’ll check it with my host provider.
In the meantime I was able to generate all thumbnails with the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin.

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