Uploading more than 10 images causing 500 erorr


Uplouding more than 10 images is cousing 500 error

Request Count

This is the default image limit for listings, but it should show an error message like “You can’t upload more than…”. If there’s another error code or message please check the PHP error log, it contains the detailed error messages with the file names and line numbers.

AH01067: Failed to read FastCGI header, referer:/submit-listing/details/
From apache

If i forbid some files to be uploud by Hivepress and someone try to uploud this type of file, can this couse this issue ?
For example on my site is allowed by add listing only jpeg and png files , if someone try to uploud other file, can this be the reason >?

Please try contacting your hosting provider regarding this issue, maybe this is caused by the server setup or limitations (e.g. upload limit or the max connection time limit), usually, if there’s an error related to the plugin it shows the exact PHP file name and line where the error is triggered.

Cloudways , but they said that they cant find error in php , and send me link to plugin for debuging plugins…

Sorry, unfortunately there’s no way for us to debug this because HivePress uses the core WordPress function for uploading images wp_handle_upload() | Function | WordPress Developer Resources If it fails then it’s probably related to a server-side settings or restrictions.

Ihor can u contact me via email, please :slight_smile:

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