URGENT information Listing disappeared from back and front end

I was doing a general check of the listings and noticed that the fields to add information about the timeslots disappeared even when the timeslot option is activated in the hivepress/setting/booking.

I have no idea what happened! everything was working well until today. Now it is impossible to book anything because there is no information about timeslots!

Maybe it is related to the new update (from 1.4.3 to 1.4.4)?

Please guide me on how to solve this!


If there are some categories in HivePress/Settings/Bookings then booking functionality (also time slots) will work only in these listing categories

Hi @yevhen. there are no categories and the timslot is activated .

Still, the option to add all the timeslot information disappeared completely from both Back end and front-end listing edition:

Now the only information that I can edit is the number of participants.

This week I was supposed to do the launch but with this problem it is impossible. :frowning:

Please tell me what can I do.


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I guess the reason may be if you enabled per-vendor mode for bookings, then all the common booking settings are moved to My Account/Settings, to avoid duplication in every listing. Since per-vendor mode means a single calendar per vendor then the booking window, offset, etc. depends on the vendor, while listings should still have unique settings like the slot duration (since different services may take different time).

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