Url fields used to fill in the social networks prevent the validation of the form

hello, the url fields used to fill in the social networks (7 in total) added to the registration form prevent the validation of the form.

As soon as the user submits the form with all the url fields filled in, it loads then resets.

I deactivated all the plugins, changed the name of the field to avoid conflicts… nothing helped!

Suddenly I lose a lot of pros who do not open their file on my directory!

Is it possible to check on my site where the conflict comes from because it is starting to become problematic?

my website

I’m deactivating fields for the moment, tell me when I have to put the url fields back

Please send more details about this issue, are these fields added via the Social Login extension, or these are custom attributes? Is this a listing submission form or the user registration one?

It’s 7 custom attributes with URL type field, they’re on the listing submission form. For the moment, I’ve change it by text type field, I’ve less problems but not resolve all time.

Please share as many details as possible when reporting an issue - this helps us to resolve issues as quickly as it possible without requesting extra details. If I understand correctly, there are 7 custom URL attributes, when you add them the listing submission page is just refreshed? Is there any error message, steps for reproducing this issue, etc?

If the form is just refreshed make sure that the attribute names don’t conflict with the built-in listing fields (set unique names), and try disabling third-party plugins - for example the same refreshing issue occurs if you install LiteSpeed Cache plugin without extra settings adjustment.

So I’ll try to be more specific.

I have 7 URL attributes for social networks (+1 for the link of my pros’ sites). When you fill in the 7 attributes and validate the form, the form is reset. No error message, nothing. Just refresh the page and the form becomes empty again.

I replaced the “URL” field type with “text” fields, we can fill the form with the 7 attributes, except when we put “https://” in front of the links otherwise the form also blocks. But if we only put “www.” or just “thesite.com”, the form works perfectly (I had to fill in "do not include “https:// in your links” but many do not read or worse they just put @theirchannel)

If we fill in the form with 2 or 3 social networks, it works, but + it is not possible.

For litespeed and other plugins, I deactivated everything to check. But the problem still persists.

The slugs were personalized so as not to conflict.

I hope the translation and my explanations will be better. thanks again @ihor

This is strange, if it’s possible to reproduce this issue please send step-by-step instructions with temporary WP access via email support@hivepress.io and I’ll check it for you.

I’ve send you an invite for be admin on my website Kanazenda.

For the step, fill in the form and add 7 link of social media with “https://” an submit form. On my setup, I’ve too draft URL fields. For the moment, it’s text field attribut install.

If you need, disable loco translate, my website is on French.

Thanks for your verify

Sorry, it seems that the link is expired Screenshot by Lightshot Please send a temporary access link valid for 48 hours via email using this plugin Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

Ok, I do it now @ihor

Done. I’ve send you link and this topic link with mail: k a n a z e n d a @ g mail. com

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