Use name and last name from Google account

Now when I deselect the option to generate a user name from the email it’s only giving me the option to create a first name and last name for regular registration. but when the user registers with his email address it generates a user name from the email address and does not pull the first name & last name from the google account.

Is it possible to make it when a user register with a google account it will pull the first and last name from his google account?

Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll add this to future updates, it seems that Google provides these details with the existing user consent.

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Thank you Ihor, yes exactly.
It’s better on sites that run other languages than English, it looks better when the account name not to be username from email.
On the email received after registration, it’s looking good because it says “Hi, first name &last name” so just add this feature for the account name.

If it small feature can it be added to the next update? because it’s important for my website.

Yes, it’s most likely be added to the next Social Login update, there are only a few improvements/fixes suggested for it so this feature should be included to the next one.

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