User Account Template - Cannot get the container for the side menu

Hello, I’m in need of some assistance.

I will customize the Account (Settings) template, but I’m running in to some problems.

  1. When trying to add the menu:
    — I can’t figuer out how to add the background box/container around the menu. Just the content of the menu gets added.
    — If I add the menu to a colum, it doesn’t show in full width. Only shows in full width when added to a “full page” row, and not a column block.

  2. Is it possible to get the balance to show up on all account pages, not just on the dashboard page?

  3. relating to number 2, is it possible to keep the menu part, but toggle the content part when clicking on the menu? Instead of loading a new page everytime?

Thanks alot


  1. Please make sure that you use the default Columns block, if you add 1/3+2/3 columns and add Menu to the 1/3 column it shouldn’t be full-width. Adding backgrounds and extra wrappers may require HTML/CSS changes.

  2. It’s possible, but requires customizations, by default the “vendor” object with a balance is loaded on the dashboard page only.

  3. This would require loading the content part via AJAX and unfortunately there’s no simple way to do this, but we plan to make HivePress more “app-like” by reloading pages without refreshing.

Hope this helps.

  1. Is there an easy way to add the original taskhive Block/wrapper around the Menu in the block-editor/template builder?

  2. Okay, great. How can I make the balance-block visible no matter what Menu item I am viewing?

  1. Please try wrapping it with a Group block and add this CSS class to it:
  2. Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for this, if you’re familiar with customizations please check how the Marketplace extension adds the balance template part, you can try inserting it to other pages and passing the “vendor” object to every account page.

The Templates feature is in beta now, but we’ll make it 100% compatible after updating all the extensions one by one (for example inserting a map requires updating Geolocation to annotate a new block).

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