User Commission not applying to Requests

I’m looking to have a User Commission on Listings and Requests of 13%. I discovered that there’s currently an outstanding bug open for Requests.

Is there anything I can do to accelerate the bug fix here? A little cash / extra support to help move this along?

Has anyone else come up with a workaround?

I’ve detected the bug almost 2-3 months ago, i’ve contacted the developers which response was “we are looking to solve that issue as soon as possible“ and i’m still waiting, even though it doesn’t seem that complex to solve i have to wait for this in order to launch the website…


Please do not duplicate threads on the forum, but follow the response at this link User Commission incorrectly being paid to Vendor? - #6 by adamerstelle


Please note that we provide updates (on new features, bugs, etc.) on a first-come, first-served basis and in order of importance of the feature or bug.

Hey Andrii, I thought that this might be a separate issue from my other one.

This one is related to Requests, and User Commissions not being applied at all.

The other one is related to Listings, and User Commission details not displaying correctly in the UI.

Ideally I would have posted my ask (to pay to speed up resolution) on @elkabirbilal’s post, but it is closed and I didn’t know how else to write about it. Guidance there would be appreciated!

That is what I’ve been trying to explain mate, client commission ii isn’t applied when an offer is accepted, issue which is stoping me to launch the site…
at this point I’m thinking to just hire some developer cause this issue has been detected by me at least 2 months ago

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Sorry for the delay. Yes, this is a known issue that will be fixed in the next Requests update. This fix already waits for the code review so we plan to update it this week.

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