User display name does not change after changing the settings

Hi there Team HP
We’ve set the display name in HivePress>Settings>Users to First Name and First Letter of Last Name. However the Username is still displayed.
When checking the user in the WP Dashboard>Users, the Nickname is set to the Username and the Display name publicly as is also set to the Username. We would think that changing the setting in HivePress>Settings>User would change that or does it by chance affect only new users registering to the site.
In the HivePress>Settings>Hosts the Display Name says optional yet it is set to User Name with no other options.

What have we got wrong as we want all to be displayed as First Name and First Letter of Last Name? :upside_down_face:


Everything should be displayed correctly. Please provide more details on which pages you are checking this data after changing the settings.

Hi there Andrii

  • Listing view page hp-template–listing-view-page in the vendor view block hp-vendor–view-block.
  • Vendor view page hp-template–vendors-view-page in the vendor view block hp-vendor–view-block.


  • Header nav header-navbar__middle user account hp-menu__item–user-account .


They’re all displaying AChef (username/nickname) and should be displaying AndreB in this case if I understand all correctly.


As for changing the name in the header, it shouldn’t change there, but we plan to add this feature in future updates. Regarding other changes on the site, after you have chosen a different display, for example, First Name and First Letter of Last Name, you need to re-save the user in WP Dashboard > Users.


I thought there was something more that needed to be done.
Fortunately our sit is still in development mode, so there aren’t many users as editing and saving each individually on a site with many users will sure take some time as you can’t do it in bulk. :upside_down_face:

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