User have to complete all process while listing

User have to complete payment process while adding listing.
User have no option to cancel previous process if he changes mind to add another listing instead listing in process.

May be it’s a caches issue.
I’m using lite cache plugin.

If you mean Paid Listings then yes, the Select Package page always appears if there’s a completed listing draft waiting for the submission, currently it’s not possible to return without selecting a package (or until the draft is automatically deleted within 24 hours). We plan to fix this in the next Paid Listings update.

I really need this feature in my project, because the advertiser is stuck on this page to choose the package, if they are not interested in any of the packages in this category. A back button for him to be able to change category would be essential.

We’ve just released a core update that fixes this, but a Paid Listings update is also required (to add a return link), it’s planned for tomorrow.

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Glad to know that! I’ve been waiting for this feature for a long time!

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