User Profiles - where?

Hey there,

a hosts profile is visible, but where do I find the users profile?

When I’m browsing the site a hosts probably also wants to see / know the user in some cases.

I checked the checkbox “Show on Front-End”.

Thanks in advance!


This is just an initial release. We plan to release updates for extensions such as Messages and Reviews, which will have links on the usernames. Also, in the next version of HivePress, the link to view your profile will be in the settings.

Now, the link to the profile is displayed only in the sidebar on the Request page.

I have read it before in another post from 2022 that it is planned to be released. Do you have a timeframe for me?

And where is the request page?


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This requires a few updates (e.g. Messages, Reviews) but we plan to release these by the end of September or earlier. If you have the Requests extension, you can check any of the available requests in WordPress/Requests, the user block should be available in the page sidebar area.

Hello Ihor,

Could you please confirm what new features will be included in this update? Will a host be able to see a renter’s profile when a booking request is made? Also, will users be able to rate individual hosts and renters as opposed to just properties?


We plan to release these features in future Bookings and Reviews updates.

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