User Specific Calendars for Experthive (Vendors/Buyers)

Our website, and I’m sure other websites using Experthive, would benefit tremendously from a user specific calendar, that would sync with ical, google calendar, etc…

One of the example expert categories in your Experthive demo site is a ‘handyman’. If a vendor registered to the site is a handyman, an important aspect of being a handyman is keeping a schedule. This is probably the case for most ‘experts’ registered to the site.

The fact that there is not an integrated calendar that at least works within Experthive, even if it doesn’t sync with the most common calendars, i.e. ical, google calendar, etc, seems like an oversight, at least to me.

We have not yet launched, but having to tell my buyers and vendors that “you’ll have to keep your calendar outside the system for now” is going to be a point of friction.

I would be curious from others using the Experthive theme how they’re overcoming this topic with their registered users.

I would like to formally request on behalf of all Experthive users, including myself, that this feature be made a priority.

Thank You,


There is such a feature. Please install our Bookings extension.

The sync with other calendars is available, too. Please check this doc: How to sync availability with other calendars - HivePress Help Center

Hope this is helpful.

Hi Nikita,
I am sorry for not being more clear in my outline.

Your response and direction seems to indicate a user calendar for ‘listings’.

Our need is for a user calendar for ‘requests’.

Our model is as follows:

  1. Buyer posts a request for services with a budget and a specific date for services to be performed.
  2. Vendors are notified of the posted request and ask to be assigned to the request.
    3. Buyer selects a requesting vendor from the list of vendors that have requested assignment.
  3. Vendor performs the requested service on the requested service date.
  4. Vendor marks the request/order as completed.
  5. Buyer marks the request/order as approved for payment.
  6. Vendor payment is released.

What we are asking for is a per user calendar that will, when step 3 from above is executed, place a link on a users calendar on the date/time of the request. In this case, on both the buyer and the vendors individual user calendar.

Additionally, if this per/user calendar could sync with ical or google calendar that would be even better.

This way, a vendor doesn’t accidentally double book himself and as well, the buyer doesn’t book 2 vendors for the same date/time.


Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, it would require a custom implementation.
But thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature.

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