User type and registration


We have two different types of users, one that can add a listing and another that can’t add a listing but can view them. In order to view the listing page, they should create an account.

I’m trying to configure this with a different plugin such as Ultimate Member, but I couldn’t.

I have noticed I can have Vendors which can add a listing and regular users. This might help me but I will have to then add a field on the registration form to see what type of user you are and if they register as a user then hide the add listing button since once they add a listing they become a vendor.

Can I do this?

In HivePress all users are registered via the same form, but users can become vendors if they add at least 1 listing and it’s approved by the site admin. The Add Listing button basically means “register as a vendor and submit the first listing”, if you hide it then there will be no way for users to get a vendor profile unless you have a separate page and a contact form for such requests, in this case you’d have to reply to such requests and add vendor profiles for these users manually.

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Okay I thought that instead of a type of user it can work with memberships, my new question is:

Will they need to register and then buy the membership or they can register and select membership on the same form?

Please let me know if you mean the HivePress Memberships extension, Paid Listings one or a third-party membership plugin? If it’s a third-party plugin it will not register the HivePress vendor profile automatically.

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